As an application developer, programmer and analyst, I do many projects. Some of them are community projects, else are commercial projects, with majority are web application projects. Since I and some of my friends built a coorporation called Fortitude, some commercial projects are built up together with them.

Application quality is the most important thing to consider when I’m developing an application, so every defect or bug must be fixed immediately after it is detected. Every application must be able to run smooth as what the user want without or with minimal security threats or bugs before release. Also I provide some short term maintenance after the completion of my projects to ensure the applications run well, especially the web applications which are facing bigger risk since almost these applications can be accessed by people all around the world.

Here are my current active projects :

  1. A project for my high school community. Located on I’m the main administrator of this site now. Made using Notepad++, Macromedia Fireworks, and Macromedia Flash. Many parts of the site are powered by other softwares. The community forum is powered by MyBB 1.2, the wiki is powered by MediaWiki 1.11. All site design is originally made by me, however I have planned to include the design from Fortitude design team to this site because I cannot really handle the design myself. This site located at
  2. Etersoul. My personal web site. Located on (you are currently viewing it now).

Here are completed projects, where projects with * means that I made it with Fortitude :

  • SMABHK I-CD for 33th Graduate Year Student. Not a really Fortitude project since it was made by me and one of my friend. Made using Macromedia Flash MX 2004.
  • Prasetyo Family I-CD*. Made using Macromedia Flash 8 with Fortitude as my work team.
  • Indoris Homepage*. Located on, also worked with my work team. (On my latest visit, this site is not active anymore)
  • King Computer. Located on Now it has been disabled by the owner.
  • E-Library. This is my first project as a freelancer in Bina Nusantara University IT Directorate that is made using Apache, MySQL and PHP. Making e-Library for other school that can be accessed by student, lecturer or any other person. Project site: not to be announced.
  • File Management System and Dashboard. My second project was to create a file management system for another university using Apache, MySQL and PHP. Some other interesting techology used for this project is GD graphic library that is used here to create chart. Project site: not to be announced.
  • Learning Management System. The third freelance project is building Learning Management System for another university. Students, lecturers, and parents can access this site to view the lecture and exam schedule, submitting assignment, downloading lecture material, or even checking the exam score. Still using Apache, MySQL and PHP. Project site: not to be announced.
  • Website and Content Management System. Here is the list of website and CMS projects that I involved in:

Since I got many other minor projects, I would like to publish it to. You can see it at