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Blame the World, not the Manager

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Today, when I was browsing the Facebook, I found an image that are posted by one of my friend. An image that’s so simple, it contains only several words in a simple white background:

People Don't Leave Companies, They Leave Managers.

An image that contains simply some words in simple background. You got my attention.

It was not the first time I read this sentence in the internet. Many people had posted it already, and usually it was posted by new employee in a company that have simple way of thinking, or perhaps I could say it’s too simple that it may make you look so silly.

The first thing to notice, by supporting this sentence, people simply blame other people that has been trusted by the higher-ups to manage his company, and the fact that you’re just a lower ranked staff in the company just make you think that every wrong decision that are made by these managers cannot be tolerated. If you really can do better to fix what’s wrong, why don’t you try harder to take the position and try to manage the staffs by yourself. Perhaps you’re the perfect manager that the company seeks, right? In fact, when you’re in that position, you will have to accept the reality that people will say the same things to you.

For me, people leave the company, not the managers. It’s just silly when people resign from their job because of several “incompetent” managers. Many other factors can affect someone to leave the company, which usually the workloads and salary, which I believe the primary reasons to leave a company. So what? It’s still the fault of your manager that you don’t get raise even after doing the work for several months? Hey, hey, just look around you, and be jealous to people around you who work harder and smarter than you so they get the raise in the salary, and perhaps also promoted to the higher position. The next thing you will do is blaming that person for being too diligent and smarter than you, and also the manager that can only see one person effort rather than you.

I don’t understand, why people use this excuse to give up their hope in a company. If you really don’t like the managers, be smarter, work harder, take their place, and rule the company in your idealistic dream. If you cannot, just leave it already, and find other workplace who you think is far more enjoyable and have perfect, nice, high tolerance managers that perfectly match your work style without any pressure and dynamic. It’s that simple.

Actually, I never work for a company, but I have work with many “managers” temporarily. I never find a really “bad manager” so far, just managers that have different way of doing things than me. I have also had some misunderstanding with some of those “managers”, but I always believe those misunderstanding can be fixed if I communicate properly to the managers. Every manager that have matured enough to do their work will accept the harshest critique even from their subordinates and try to improve their own behavior. Only the most stubborn and selfish ones that rejects any suggestion from the subordinates, and I have to admit it I have that one manager that qualified as an “asshole”, but still not convince me enough to leave the “company” or project just because that one unimportant person.

No matter how hateful you’re to your managers, they will not try to improve when they don’t know what’s wrong with themselves as long as you never told them. People are unique, some of them are sensitive enough to feel the change in their surroundings, some are insensitive that they don’t care anything at all as long as no one tell them their mistakes, some are really just “assholes” who take the authority to abuse their worker. However, if you think properly, how many companies that willing to hire and keep the later type of managers in their company?

So, before you judge that everything wrong is just your manager, take the time to think, have you do something to improve your manager’s quality? Or do you just like to blame your manager and hopefully they have telepathic skill to read your mind and fix the problems without you telling them? Or is it just you that are too weak and too easily depressed only by slight pressure on your workplace, and in the end you just feeling not worthy to be in a company that have managers who want many things finished faster than your current expected work pace? Or perhaps you’re the one that are too spoiled and too sensitive so you are not ready to receive any critique from people around you?

Sigh… People these day, blaming people too much without realizing what’s happen around them, or even within them.

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