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Vivid Imagination

When I was 10, I always had that imagination that I was in a war and piloting an aircraft, which usually an F22 Raptor, then firing missiles to the enemy’s aircraft, then it exploded on the air and flew away to pursue another enemy which will end up with the same fate as the previous one.  I usually modeled the aircraft with my left hand which flew around my house, and the missile with my right hand index finger. The fact was that I played much of the flight simulator named F22 Lightning when I was that age.

During mid and high school, I also has imagination that my school going to be a magic ground where some of my friends were magician with their own distinguish magic power, and the enemy usually some other people from other schools or just random people or creatures that appears from nowhere. I’m not really sure why I got that imagination, however I never told anyone around me when I was that age, or show anyone what my imaginations are like. Just now I find it’s funny that I can write about it in this blog without being too embarrassed, but well, that was what happened in my head.

Even today, I still has some wild imagination about this world, especially when it comes about magic and technology. I love how many medias describe what the magic is and how to manipulate it to do many good things and bad things around the world. With that so called magic, many people can protect other people around them, but still many people will use it for bad things, which cause many problems all around the world, and in the end there are many rebellion using technology. Actually, this topic around magic and technology has been produced in many movies, novels and even video games, however all of them usually represent the background story, concept and the mechanism around them differently.

I’ve always have that wild and vivid imagination that sometimes I wonder if I will start to make a new universe inside my head, and then start creating my own franchise, from just short essay, perhaps then growing into a short story, then into a full novel, perhaps in the end it will grow into movies and games. However, write out what is on my head is difficult since usually I’m busy with my work, and my imagination and thought will change immediately when it happened. Also, I’m not a novel reader, which may cause me to have difficult to chose words and writing style since I don’t have any reference for them. I even don’t know when I should do the dialogue or just narrative.

Well, it’s one of my dream that I can create my own universe and let people enjoy to “live” inside of it, like me myself enjoy to live in many of different universes like Final Fantasy 13’s Ivalice, Lords of the Ring’s Middle Earth, or Star Wars universe. What I need now is just time to write all what’s on my head, and learn how to write properly with good English rather than writing gibberish like this one. :p

Umm, I also need someone who can help me and encourage me to write properly, or to represent my writing into a drawing. Well, somehow I think to get a girlfriend who excels at literature or art so she can help me with this, but it’s just too idealistic and unrealistic to think about relationship for this matter. It’s also part of my life imagination actually. Hahaha. Nevermind.

Imagination is limitless, truly. What I need is just a little push and chance to show it to the world. Perhaps it’s embarrassing now, but someone who think the right things should not be embarrassed, right? Someday, when that time comes, I will not just stand still for sure, but not for now. Soon.

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Dive into Anime World

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Lately, I watched many anime series and movies, with many different genres. Well, it’s not something new for sure, but the number of anime I watched currently increased at somewhat high rate. Perhaps it’s at a rate that may disturb my daily activity if it keeps increasing, but I’m sure I still have control over it. Anyway, let’s talk about it a little.

For some people, anime doesn’t suit their taste, since the drawing is weird, usually with big eyed characters, small and overly cute face, overly slender body or curvy with nice pair of breasts, high tone or annoying way of speaking, and some weird behavior or even weird story. Those were what I thought several years ago before I used to all characters. Some of my friends also has the rejection over anime with the similar reasons, so I think what I wrote almost surely applied to general people who oppose to watch anime regularly.

My anime hobby (or perhaps addiction, though I believe I’m not in a level of addiction) usually triggered when I read some online articles about the anime itself or simply when I know about it from a certain source, which recently is Osu!, a rhythm game which mainly use anime songs for the content, and show many arts and animations in the background as we are playing the song.

I must admit that several animes that I saw were far more than my initial expectations. Umm, usually I had negative expectations from animes, which may simply because the story might be easily guested, or the character is lame and perhaps just too much fan services, i.e. scenes that provide the audiences some “happy” content, like breast jiggling or panty shots. Lately many anime doesn’t use much light story or fan services anymore, instead the writers are creative enough to create story twist which may expand your regular thought. However, they still have light fan services though, but enough for fun and not causing hindrance in characters or stories.

Some of the animes brought the popular culture on their story, such as Sword Art Online (SAO), which the season one just I finished watch recently. The story is about the MMORPG which operated with virtual reality devices, with some story twist, realistic MMO experience (if you are an MMO player, you might have know almost every rule there), and lovely beautiful romance. Initially SAO doesn’t actually attract me to watch even I have heard or read the articles about it, but my curiosity is strong enough to make me watch this anime, and it’s not disappointing for sure. Well, I also should admit it since someone tell me a clue that the story might be interesting several days ago, and at the same time, my housemate have that anime in his possession.

Another anime that have nice story which you may not expected if you have not watch it is Puella Magi Madoka Magica, which tells about several magical girls with the problems that they should solve. The story of this one is so dark that you may think and think and think when you have finished the anime series, and perhaps you may want to watch the movie which is the continuity of anime series. From what I experienced after watched this anime, I will not have the same view again on the magical girls genre. Usually, the magical girls genre is so weird for me since the target should be female audiences or children, but this one is far from that target, although the art and characters are somewhat represent the childish. Anyway, watch it and you may understand what I mean, since I don’t want to spoil anything here. It will destroy your general views on magical girls genre which have been known to be happy ending, like Sailor Moon or Wedding Peach (old school anime series which I watched when I was in elementary school).

Well, there are many more anime that I have watched, but still limited enough so I can list them here, of course the recommended only:

  • Sword Art Online (I have described it above, generally fun and have good and deep romance, based on light novel)
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magika (also described above, really sad and dark, not suitable for children or easily depressed person)
  • Hataraku Maou-sama (about a demon king which transferred to human world and works at a restaurant chain, really funny, based on light novel)
  • No Game No Life (about a world where every conflict should be resolved with games, funny and has heavy plot, based on light novel)
  • A Certain Magical Index / Toaru Majutsu no Index (a story about magic and technology / science, the dark world behind it and struggle of the people who has the power, based on light novel)
  • A Certain Scientific Railgun / Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (a side story of Index above, which mainly focused in the scientific side, have funny plot and some sweet romance, based on the same light novel)
  • Tokyo Ghoul (about a humanoid species which resemble vampires that roams the city of Tokyo, dark and bloody, though many parts are censored since they’re far too gory)
  • Full Metal Alchemist (if you follow the manga, this simply a spin off and doesn’t follow the manga story)
  • Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood (this one is following the manga story, so if you want to see the anime version of the manga, this one is for you)
  • Kill la Kill (about the struggle of a girl who want to avenge the father dead, the story and arts are weird, uncommon and unrealistic, but still fun enough to be followed)

If you read the summary above, many of them are based on light novel. A light novel itself is Japanese style novel which published regularly. I have researched about it a little and found that many of the novels have been adapted to animes. That’s why I would really like to read the novel itself since many of the animes now only covered early chapters, mainly less than 10 chapters when the novels have published in about 10 or 20 chapters.

That’s what I can tell about anime. If you have recommendation about what animes I should watch, please inform me. I love animes that have nice and uncommon story like what I listed above. And if you a newbie in anime, or just want to try to change your view in anime, you might want to try the animes above. ;)


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Keroyokan di film lokal

Bagi orang-orang yang berlangganan koran Kompas, pasti setiap hari bisa melihat pada halaman Klasika terdapat jadwal film-film yang diputar di bioskop 21 (XXI) dan juga Blitz Megaplex. Ada lebih dari 10 jadwal film yang terpampang di sana mulai dari film-film barat, terkadang terdapat film mandarin, tapi yang lebih banyak belakangan ada film-film lokal.

Di sini terlihat perbedaan mencolok bagaimana poster dari film lokal berbeda cukup jauh dibanding dengan film-film luar. Kalau diperhatikan pasti terlihat jika dalam poster tersebut terlihat banyak orang, umumnya lebih dari 6 hampir bisa dipastikan bahwa film itu adalah film lokal alias film yang diproduksi oleh anak negeri ini sendiri. Sedangkan kalau melihat poster film luar, yang terlihat umumnya hanya 2 sampai 3 orang pemain utamanya saja yang diperlihatkan.

Sebagai contoh, kita lihat saja Kompas yang diterbitkan hari ini, Minggu, 30 November 2008. Inilah beberapa daftar film beserta jumlah orang yang terpampang di poster film itu untuk jadwal bioskop 21 (XXI).


Kapankah WALL-E datang?

Setelah sempat ditunda-tunda sampai 1 minggu lebih, akhirnya kemaren keinginan buat nonton Kungfu Panda akhirnya terpenuhi juga. :D Awalnya aku sudah pesimis kalau akhirnya ga bakal bisa nonton film ini di bioskop berhubung batal mulu buat nonton bareng temannya. Bahkan hari Sabtu yang lalu juga sudah berada di antrian untuk membeli tiket XXI di Mall Taman Anggrek, tapi setelah antri selama 1 jam akhirnya tiket pun ga didapat karena sudah penuh. :(

Kesan setelah menonton Kungfu Panda ini sendiri adalah menganggumkan. :D Sebelumnya aku sering mengganggap film animasi tidak terlalu bagus dan worthed untuk ditonton di bioskop. Tapi setelah menonton Kungfu Panda ini, ternyata pernyataanku itu ga benar. Durasi film yang pendek pun tidak terasa karena alur cerita dan efek visual yang bagus. Ga nyesal deh nonton film ini.

Daftar film yang “must-be-watched” selanjutnya adalah WALL-E, sebuah film mengenai sebuah (seorang?) robot yang bertualang bernama WALL-E. Trailer film ini sendiri sudah cukup lama beredar, akan tetapi pemutaran perdana film ini sendiri di luar negeri adalah bulan Juni ini (dari Wikipedia dan sejumlah situs lainnya dikatakan 27 Juni 2008 alias besok). Sedangkan untuk Indonesia, film ini baru diputar di bioskop-bioskop pada tanggal 13 Agustus 2008. Informasi ini baru saya dapatkan dari koran Kompas tanggal 20 Juni 2008 kemarin melalui sebuah iklan.

Rasanya film ini juga cukup worthed untuk ditonton di bioskop daripada menontonnya dari DVD bajakan yang jelas akan banyak beredar karena jeda waktu rilis yang cukup lama antara rilis di luar negeri dengan di dalam negeri. Tema yang diangkat pun cukup jarang yaitu mengenai robot, padahal film animasi belakangan ini kebanyakan mengangkat mengenai manusia (khususnya superhero), hewan, atau serangga.

Yah, mungkin bagi orang-orang yang udah ga sabar buat WALL-E sih boleh saja nonton lewat DVD atau media bajakan. Walaupun waktu itu pada intro sebuah film sempat diputarkan WALL-E dan Eve yang ingin menonton DVD bajakan yang didapatkan dari bumi dengan kualitas yang jelek, dan itu menjadi iklan yang kocak dan cukup menyentil. :p Tentu aku sendiri juga ga menyarankan buat menonton dari DVD bajakan. ;)

Don’t play with timeline

Timeline, yang kalau ditulis dalam bahasa Indonesia sebagai garis waktu mungkin akan menjadi sesuatu yang membingungkan kalau mau dijelaskan secara rinci. Secara sampai saat ini kita masih belum dapat merasakan pindah dari satu jaman ke jaman lain karena belum ditemukan cara untuk itu. Tapi walaupun begitu, timeline tetaplah sesuatu yang sangat menarik untuk dibahas.

Pertanyaannya adalah apa yang terjadi kalau kita bisa kembali ke masa lalu atau menuju ke masa depan?

Sebagian besar orang dalam hidup ini mungkin pernah berpikir untuk kembali ke masa lalu dan mengubah apa yang terjadi setelah mereka melakukan sesuatu yang buruk atau membuat mereka menyesal. Misalnya saja ketika gagal menempuh ujian, tiba-tiba saja ingin kembali ke masa lalu untuk mengerjakan soal ujiannya kembali karena kita sudah tahu soal apa yang akan dikerjakan di mana artinya kita akan dapat mengerjakan soal tersebut dengan baik.


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Great Firewall of Indonesia

Menarik menyimak perkembangan mengenai berita pemblokiran beberapa situs mancanegara dan situs lokal oleh pemerintah dalam beberapa hari belakangan. Pemblokiran yang dianggap pemerintah sebagai “jalan” untuk mencegah perpecahan masyarakat Indonesia justru mendapat banyak tentangan dari masyarakat Indonesia sendiri, bahkan hanya beberapa jam setelah situs YouTube diblokir oleh pemerintah.


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Hari ini berkesempatan nonton Transformer. Film ini sebenarnya sudah ada sejak lama dalam media kartun berseri. Hmm, terakhir kali seri yang saya tonton adalah Beast War.


Film Transformer ini sendiri dibuat berdasarkan karakter Transformer yang ada sejak dulu. Di satu sisi terdapat Optimus Prime yang merupakan pemimpin kaum Autobots yang berperan protagonis. Sedangkan di sisi lainnya terdapat Megatron, sang pemimpin kaum Decepticons yang berperan sebagai peran antagonis. Film ini masih dititikberatkan di peperangan yang terjadi antara kaum Autobots dan Decepticons yang berasalah dari planet Cybertron.

Bila pada film serinya hanya perang antar kaum robot, maka di film Transformer ini perang terjadi di bumi yang melibatkan manusia. Bahkan para robot ini berbaur dengan kaum manusia dengan menjadi barang-barang elektronik seperti handphone, mobil-mobil canggih, bahkan menjadi senjata perang yang mematikan seperti pesawat F-22A. Setiap kali para robot ini berubah, perubahan selalu ditampilkan dengan baik. Bahkan tampak seperti telah diperhitungkan dengan baik oleh para pembuat visual effect-nya sehingga tidak terdapat suatu bagian robot pun yang bertabrakan dengan bagian lain.

Storyline : 7.5
Visual effect : 10
Sound effect : 9
Music : 8
Overall : 9

Jadi dapat dikatakan bahwa ini perkembangan teknologi yang sangat maju di dunia perfilman internasional. :p (apa sih?)

Banyak sekali perubahan yang terdapat di Beast War yang pernah saya tonton dulu dengan Transformer yang saya tonton tadi. Lebih banyak sisi manusiawi yang ditonjolkan dalam film ini, seperti bagaimana manusia bisa menerima keberadaan robot asing, serta bagaimana Optimus Prime yang menjadi pemimpin kaum Autobots berkata “freedom is the right of all sentient beings” atau “kebebasan adalah hak dari setiap makhluk hidup”. Hal ini membuat film ini wajib ditonton oleh semua fans film kartun Transformer ataupun orang yang mempunyai selera tinggi terhadap visual effect yang WOW. :D

Selamat Menonton

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