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Vivid Imagination

When I was 10, I always had that imagination that I was in a war and piloting an aircraft, which usually an F22 Raptor, then firing missiles to the enemy’s aircraft, then it exploded on the air and flew away to pursue another enemy which will end up with the same fate as the previous one.  I usually modeled the aircraft with my left hand which flew around my house, and the missile with my right hand index finger. The fact was that I played much of the flight simulator named F22 Lightning when I was that age.

During mid and high school, I also has imagination that my school going to be a magic ground where some of my friends were magician with their own distinguish magic power, and the enemy usually some other people from other schools or just random people or creatures that appears from nowhere. I’m not really sure why I got that imagination, however I never told anyone around me when I was that age, or show anyone what my imaginations are like. Just now I find it’s funny that I can write about it in this blog without being too embarrassed, but well, that was what happened in my head.

Even today, I still has some wild imagination about this world, especially when it comes about magic and technology. I love how many medias describe what the magic is and how to manipulate it to do many good things and bad things around the world. With that so called magic, many people can protect other people around them, but still many people will use it for bad things, which cause many problems all around the world, and in the end there are many rebellion using technology. Actually, this topic around magic and technology has been produced in many movies, novels and even video games, however all of them usually represent the background story, concept and the mechanism around them differently.

I’ve always have that wild and vivid imagination that sometimes I wonder if I will start to make a new universe inside my head, and then start creating my own franchise, from just short essay, perhaps then growing into a short story, then into a full novel, perhaps in the end it will grow into movies and games. However, write out what is on my head is difficult since usually I’m busy with my work, and my imagination and thought will change immediately when it happened. Also, I’m not a novel reader, which may cause me to have difficult to chose words and writing style since I don’t have any reference for them. I even don’t know when I should do the dialogue or just narrative.

Well, it’s one of my dream that I can create my own universe and let people enjoy to “live” inside of it, like me myself enjoy to live in many of different universes like Final Fantasy 13’s Ivalice, Lords of the Ring’s Middle Earth, or Star Wars universe. What I need now is just time to write all what’s on my head, and learn how to write properly with good English rather than writing gibberish like this one. :p

Umm, I also need someone who can help me and encourage me to write properly, or to represent my writing into a drawing. Well, somehow I think to get a girlfriend who excels at literature or art so she can help me with this, but it’s just too idealistic and unrealistic to think about relationship for this matter. It’s also part of my life imagination actually. Hahaha. Nevermind.

Imagination is limitless, truly. What I need is just a little push and chance to show it to the world. Perhaps it’s embarrassing now, but someone who think the right things should not be embarrassed, right? Someday, when that time comes, I will not just stand still for sure, but not for now. Soon.

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